Nokia Brand Hub

Project Snapshot

Create a brand hub brand website that holds all guidelines and assets for the entire Nokia Global Brand

Live Project
March 2023

Nokia Brand Hub

During my time at DML Marketing, I had the opportunity to work on a significant project involving the complete redesign of the Brand Hub for Nokia, a global rebranding endeavour. This project was a massive undertaking that required my expertise and contribution.

As a key member of the design team, I played a pivotal role in guiding the entire process. My responsibilities included conceptualising, creating, and implementing innovative design solutions to transform the Brand Hub into a cutting-edge platform.

Addressing a few major sections within this project that needed alot of requirements. The guidance section had to allow people to learn quickly how to use the new brand and offer quickly findable content to the many different rules of the brand. Then we have a huge download repository that hold templates, brand assets and stock media.

One of the core aspects of this project was to ensure the accessibility and user experience (UX) of the redesigned site. To accomplish this, I meticulously stress tested the platform, conducting thorough accessibility audits and refining the UX design based on extensive user feedback.

The result was a remarkable achievement—a visually stunning and user-friendly Brand Hub that effectively communicated Nokia's rebranding message to a global audience. The redesigned site showcased the brand's new identity and positioning, encapsulating Nokia's values and vision.

Selection of desktop pages

This site was built of Drupal and came with a few custom design systems that I created many custom components for the use on all the different pages and future proofing new pages and keeping content inviting and different. I take great pride in my contributions to this project, which demonstrated my ability to collaborate within a team, tackle complex challenges, and deliver exceptional results.

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