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Jaguar Land Rover
December 2018

A tool for every sale, site and situation

This was a HUGE project, with the UX and Design phases lasting nine months. From pitch to product, delivered by myself and the team at PS London. This went on to become a huge part of Jaguar Land Rover Approved Programme.

JLR continue to use this massive tool that aids all retailers in sales, strategy and education content, to better reach each and every franchise and ultimately align JLR globally as an elite brand. A tool that I was very happy to complete and know that it would be key for the next stage of JLR's sales success. As the data is vast, but the way we see it doesn't need to challenging.

Short animations to sell and aid the global team in this new and exciting tool.

Creating a series of short animations to help explain in detail what users can do, ensuring it was kept cool and current whilst highlighting the tools features.

A great project for a very exacting client. All part of the fun when on project of this duration.

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