Brand Refresh

Project Snapshot

To infuse the university’s tired look with new life and dynamism by repurposing key brand elements in a fresh and consistent way. Branding work being implemented throughout their university and subsequently secured them as a client for PS London.

Live Project
University of Gloucetershire
January 2019

Stylish & Flexible

A creative pitch that started as an RFP but ended in a newly established client, branding and campaign work that spanned two years.

The University of Gloucestershire held a lot of pride in their brand, however much like many other university clients the look had become faded and rigid in use. This was especially so across its digital image. We breathed new life into the brand whilst establishing easy to use systems across digital and video assets.

Being fearless

University students are some of the hardest customers to gain traction with, but within this challenge we found opportunities for fun and fresh campaign strategies.

An explanatory video to give stakeholders a sneak peek at how we can develop existing brand elements into a cohesive, working toolkit of assets and visuals. We gave them tactics and guidance when and where to use particular branding, impactful design to better talk to certain audiences, which gave the older looking brand and fresh new feel.

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