IGT Face Lift

Project Snapshot

Overhaul of the products UI and Refresh of the UX. In turn this huge project will refresh the entire suite of products for IGT Play Digital Department.

Live Project
Apps Design
January 2022

From old to new...

During my time at IGT, my primary responsibility was to infuse the design department with innovative ideas, strategic thinking, and drive the team towards embracing a new era. As they sought a fresh perspective in the lottery sector, I took the initiative to propose a transformative approach for the UI, aiming for a contemporary and captivating user experience. I conducted an extensive audit of all systems to ensure user-centered design principles were at the forefront.

Notably, the scale of products at IGT was among the largest I had encountered, making it one of the most significant applications/websites I've worked on to date. The experience gained from working with IGT continues to have a significant impact on my professional growth.

This is the old, tired product look

I knew what I had to do, but the team wasn't ready.

This project demanded a harmonious collaboration between designers, developers, and business analysts. However, at IGT, the process of briefing designs was burdensome, with discussions buried within lengthy ninety-page business requirement documents. As a result, constructing projects seemed challenging initially.

Yet, with unwavering perseverance, I introduced a fresh dialogue-centered approach, successfully aligning the team's efforts to create a sleek and forward-looking product. Through our dedicated efforts, we launched a beta version and secured a new client, propelling IGT towards its profit and UX goals. This achievement culminated in the development of the brand new application.

This is the new look to the base product that is rolled out to huge global vendors for gaming and lottery services:

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