Sous Chef

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A fun prototype for a real problem. Extensive research gave this design the knowledge of how critical cooking from a recipe can be aided by such an application.

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Apps Design
May 2019
Live Project

When briefs from clients don't cut the mustard

A passion project based around two great loves of mine. Cooking and App Design. This started in a week long intense course at General Assembly in UX strategy and design, and grew so large that I nearly followed it through to build myself. Alas, budgets for iOS apps aren't for the faint hearted. We dived into personas, needs and wants, with large user probing and collected research to aid design decision and most importantly, customer journeys.

The beauty of this project was that the UX was tested at every touchpoint within the course. We tested numerous prototypes and honed the strategy and direction to give a great sense of clarity within the design phase, giving me confidence to look into developing it myself. When you believe in something so much, the passion takes over and makes the work a hobby!

A great experience to better my UX thinking

I will always enjoy learning more of my craft, adding knowledge to each and every aspect of my career gives me confidence to what I do, I don't think training is essential, I think its healthy.

Snapshot of my time in 1 weeks of this course: (I worked for another week after this ended to prep it for a developer brief)

60 hours on project strategy and research

45 hours on prototyping

20 hours on the final design

Projected 400 hours to build the app (This is where I stopped)

This is the Sous Chef App

Tips for cooking, helpful and most of all easy to access content. Built in timers, reviews and personal ratings. Voice activated controls for when you hands shouldn't touch the screen and one of my favourite features: The dinner remix - insert your ingredients in your fridge and it will give you options on what to cook with your ingredients you have.

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